September 20, 2018

Powerlifting coach and life motivator

I go on and on about how awesome my powerlifting coach is. Every week I always send my coach a report on how training is going. I didn't this last week. He never lets anything fall through the cracks. He misses nothing. So he contacted me to see how everything was going. Here was our exchange. As you can see, he really is awesome.

I was a little distracted this week  I did all the workouts. But i didn't take any notes. But I was confused why all my numbers were going up except my pull-ups. I'm back up to 300lbs. Which explains both the strength gain and getting worse at pull-ups.
Thanks for the reminder.

Hi Cody,

I imagine you’re feeling pretty disappointed about that. What do you think has led you back up that road? Life stressors? Boredom? Want for strength gains? 

The first step back on the weight loss wagon can be the hardest. I’ve felt that hopelessness too. It helped me to remember that it is only one step, though. Get back on the diet for one day, then two days, then a week, then it slowly becomes a habit again. It’s one hard step, but it’s one step I know you can take when you’re ready.