December 17, 2018

USPA powerlifting state championships

On Dec 1st 2018 I competed in the USPA powerlifting state championships in New Mexico. I set lifetime best lifts in all three lifts. I lifted a 502.5/355/577.5/1430. I qualified for the 2019 USPA powerlifting national championships that will be held in July in Las Vegas Nevada.

The RKU 1st annual invitational weightlifting meet

On 12/15/18 my son and I completed in the RKU 1st annual weightlifting invitational.

My son is 11 and weighed in at 30.6k. He went 5/6 and lifted a 15/21/36. His clean and jerk was a lifetime best.

I weighed in at 138.8k. I lifted in the 40-44 AG SHW division. I lifted lifetime best lifts of 101/128/229. I took 1st place in my division. My clean and jerk was high enough to break the New Mexico state record if we had lifted in New Mexico instead of Texas.