quesr for a bodyweight snatch

10/31/2015: 145k bodyweight/ 92k snatch
4/21/2016: 141k bodyweight/ 96k snatch

April 25, 2016

post competition hunger

I'm not nearly as sore today as I usually am the day after a weightlifting meet. But I'm hungrier than lice on a wig. I'm WAY more hungry than I usually am, even post meet. My muscles are really tired, not sore, but definitely tired. Coach Joaquin saw the fatigue and told me he's not going to let me squat the rest of the week so I'm prepared for my powerlifting meet this weekend. That's a fantastic coach right there. He knows my goals and adjusts things right away.

April 24, 2016

The 2016 High Dessert Spring invite weightlifting report

Today I competed in the 2016 HDAC Spring invite. I wasn't expecting to do well because I've been learning different weightlifting form for 2 weeks at a new weightlifting gym and a new coach. I think the new form is perfect for me, but until I have more time practicing the new form I was afraid there would be a bit of a learning curve. Plus yesterday I helped a friend move his powerlifting gym to a new location so my body was sore and fatigued from moving thousands of pounds of weight and equipment.

Somehow I still pulled off a 95k snatch which is only 1k below my all time best. For the clean and jerk I lifted a 120k on my third attempt, a 4k PR. It was also a New Mexico state record. My total was a 215k, also a New Mexico state record!

April 22, 2016

my first meet after a new coach and gym

I have a weightlifting meet this weekend. I've only been at my new weightlifting gym, High Dessert Athletic Club learning new and completely different form for a couple weeks. I think learning new form will eventually benifit my weightlifting, but I'm guessing there'll be a learning curve. I suspect I'll get worse for a while before I get better. I have no idea what to expect on Saturday. Best case scenario I reach the HUGE milestone of the 100's in the snatch and the 120's in the clean and jerk. Worst case scenario I don't lift well but I get more experience competing in weightlifting. It's a win win. A bit of a nerve racking experience, but a win win none the less.

6 days after the weightlifting meet I'll be competing in my third powerlifting meet, the New Mexico NASA state powerlifting championships. If all goes as expected I'll set 11 NASA national records, 11 state NASA records, and be the New Mexico state champion. The New Mexico NASA state powerlifting championships will be held on April 30th. Which is the last day I'll be employed by the state. On May 1st I'll be a retired correctional officer. Setting national and state records, what a great way to celebrate!

April 19, 2016

my new job makes me feel I'm being immoral

I'm being trained for my new job. Its a great paying job with incredible benifits. At first I thought I'd love this job, but as I'm learning more about it I've realized I'm not very comfortable with what I'm being asked to do there. They're telling me I need to confiscate people's personal property if they enter a certain area. Even if there are loop holes in the law that allows me to do it I just don't think it's right. I feel it violates Americans rights against illegal search and seizure. They're also telling me that I can detain people, by hamdcuffing them if necessary, until law enforcement arrives to arrest them. But I know in many areas if i detain someone without the legal right to arrest them I'd be guilty of false arrest and false imprisonment. My new employers aren't telling us what the laws are or if we'd be breaking the law doing what they are asking me to do. And since I'm a contract employee, not an employee of that agency I could be arrested or even sued personally.

Tomorrow after training I'm submitting a job aplication for one of my two dream jobs, ABF. This is the third time in the last year I've applied for this job.

April 18, 2016

figuring this weightlifting stuff out!

Today was the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing in regards to weightlifting. It's such a complicated sport! Today i even received a bunch of "atta boy Cody!" &"that was great" & "exactly like that"! Felt dang good. I'm thinking I'll hit 100k, 120k, 220k soon.

April 15, 2016

re-hiring my nutrition coach

The best results I've ever had weightlifting was when I was working with a nutrition coach. Usually when a person loses weight they lose strength too. The crazy thing was I was losing 2-3 pounds every week and STILL making unbelievable speed and strength gains.

I asked my former nutrition coach Barry Schroeder if he'd be willing to work with me again after I'm done training for my new career. He agreed. The major change I'm going to ask for compared to the last time we worked together is I occasionally want to stop losing weight and get onto a diet to maintain my weight. Trying to lose 80 pounds nonstop was just to overwhelming. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. After a couple months I'd lost 19 pounds, which was great. But dieting and being hungry for another 32 weeks just wasn't going to happen. I decided  I'd rather give up than suffer through that. This time i want to diet for a month, then eat a maintenance diet for a week. That would be much easier. That would make for more frequent goals to work for with the reward of being able to eat more at the end of that successful goal. By my estimation if I lose 10 pounds a month with a week of maintaining in between that will get me to my goal of 235 pounds in 10 months.

April 14, 2016

different form, state records, and national records

My first week training High Dessert Athletic Club I thought my form was bad and needed a lot of corrections. Now I've realized it's not that my form was poor, it's that the club I was at then and the club I'm at now teach different technique of the snatch and clean and jerk. Much different.

I'm learning the new technique quickly, but I'm pretty sure there will be a learning curve for me. I'll get worse for awhile before I get better.

My next competition will be at High Dessert Athletic Club on April 24th. I'm hoping to break the three state records I set in March of 96k, 116k, 212k.

 Then on April 30th, 6 days later, I'll be competing in the NASA New Mexico state championships powerlifting meet. If I compete well I'll set or break 11 national and state records in the following divisions for the SHW 40-44 ag:
1) power press- police
2) power press- open
3) power press- pure
4) power sports- pure
5) power sports- police
6) power sports- master 1
7) Unequiped push/pull- pure
8) Unequiped push/pull- police
9) Unequiped powerlifting- police
10) Unequiped bench- police
11) equipped powerlifting- open

April 10, 2016

working two jobs

May 1st will be my last day working at the prison, then i retire. Saturday was my first day of training for my new job. I'm attending training for my new career on my days off and in between shift of the prison. Between the penitentiary and my new job I'll be working 68 hours from Monday to Friday, plus 7 1/2 hours of drive time. Busy and exciting times.

My new career I'll be security for the federal buildings. I'll be spending the majority of my day walking or standing. It hurts being on my feet that many hours a day being as heavy as I am now. I need to lose some weight.