June 18, 2018

The New Mexico track and field meet

Last year I was training to become a sprinter in track and field. After months of training I was only able to get my 100m time to 20 seconds. Not good. I stopped training sprinting and changed to CrossFit. I started training track again a few weeks ago. My first week I pulled an adductor. Then I had a couple uneventful weeks of training in the %70 of max effort range. Yesterday I decided to try an all out sprint. I ran a 15.9 second 100m. And I didn't injure anything this time! That motivated me to register for the New Mexico games track and field meet that will be held this weekend. That only gives me 5 days of training to prepare. And 7 days after that is the NMLWC weightlifting state championships. I'm a little worried the race will negatively effect my weightlifting meet. Last year I registered for the NM games track and field meet. But the day of the race I chickened out and didn't race. That was one of the only times I've ever chickened out from a competition of any kind. This year is my chance to redeem myself.

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