athletic accomplishments

Qualified for 6 national triathlon championships, 1 national duathlon championship, & 1 world triathlon championship. 3 time South West Challenge Series champion (2007, 2008, 2010)


5X New Mexico state games weightlifting champion (2014 105k+ 40-44), (2015 105k+ 40-44), (2016 105k+ 40-44), (2017 105k+ 40-44).(2019 109k+ 40-44) Qualified for 3 Masters National Weightlifting Championships. qualified for 2 masters PanAm championships, qualified for 2 masters world championships, 5th place 2019 masters national weightlifting championships.


1X national champion (2019)
9X powerlifting state championships
3X NASA New Mexico state champion (2016 SHW masters 1, 2018 275lb masters 1, 2019 308 M-1), 
1X USAPL New Mexico state championship (2018),
5x USPA New Mexico state champion (2016 40-44 SHW RAW, 2016 open SHW open, 2017 40-44 308lb classic RAW, 2018 40-44 SHW, 2019 308lb RAW 40-44). Qualified for 1 USPA powerlifting national championships

Tack & Field
1X Shotput state champion (2019)

2005 2nd place in the absolute division at the Arizona jiu jitsu & submision wrestling state championships

Sept 2006 1st place overall clydesdale at the NM marathon

2006 2nd place South West Challenge series Clydesdale Open division.

Qualified & completed The 1st annual 2006 70.3 World Championships.

March 2007 10th place overall 1st place 30-34 at the Sully Super Sprint triathlon

2007 South West Challenge Series Clydesdale Open division Champion

3rd place Clydesdale at the 2007 long course national Championships and qualified for the 2008 Halfmax national championships

April 2008 10th place overall and 1st place Clydesdale at the Atomicman Duathlon

2008 South West Challenge Series 30-34 age group Champion

Completed Ironman Arizona 2008

7th Place clydesdale open division at the 2009 HalfMax National Championships.

Qualified for the 2010 Halfmax national Championships!

2009 South West Challenge Series 2nd place clydesdale open division

Dec 2009 5th place overall & 1st place 30-34 Age Group at the Polar Bear Triathlon

March 2010 3rd place overall & 1st place 35-39 AG at the Sully Super Sprint triathlon!

April 2010 4th place overall Wind triathlon WSMR NM.

May 2010 5th place overall male. 1st place AG at the Dog House sprint triathlon, qualified for the USAT national triathlon championships

June 2010 4th place overall & 1st place 35-39 Age Group at the Gallup triathlon

2010 South West Challenge Series 35-39 Age Group Champion

2nd place in the 2010 SW grappling championships masters gi division

4th place in the 2010 SW grappling championships masters no gi division

March 2011 5th place overall male at the Sully Super Sprint triathlon

May 2011 3rd place overall male 1st place AG at the Dog House sprint triathlon, qualified for the USAT national age group championships

2011 South West Challenge Series 3rd place 35-39 AG

Nov 2011 completed Ironman Arizona

Dec 2011 8th place overall male at the Nutcracker triathlon Qualified for the 2012 national age group championships.

2012 South West Challenge series 2nd place 35-39 AG

May 2014 1st place 105k+ New Mexico games olympic weightlifting

Jan 2015 broke 3 New Mexico weightlifting state records. snatch record, clean and jerk records, totals records.

April 2015 broke 3 state weightlifting records. snatch and total

July 2015 broke 3 New Mexico state weightlifting records. snatch, clean and jerk, total

Oct 2015 broke 2 New Mexico state weightlifting records. clean and jerk and total

Dec 2015 set 9 state powerlifting records & 4 national records.

Jan 2016 set 3 NM state weightlifting records: snatch, clean and jerk, and total 

March 2016 qualified for the 2017 masters national weightlifting championships. Broke 3 New Mexico state weightlifting records and qualified for the Masters national weightlifting championships 

April 2016 broke 2 New Mexico state weightlifting records:  clean and jerk, total

April 2016 broke 11 new Mexico NASA powerlifting records, 10 national powerlifting records & team member of the 2016 NASA powerlifting state champions

May 2016 broke 3 New Mexico state weightlifting records. Snatch, clean and jerk, total.

Oct 2016 set 3 New Mexico state weightlifting records. Snatch, clean and jerk, and total 

Nov 2016 set 4 USPA New Mexico state powerlifting records. Won state powerlifting championships. 

Dec 2017 set 4 USPA new Mexico state Powerlifting records. Won USPA powerlifting state championships

March 2018 set 4 USAPL New Mexico Powerlifting state records. Won USAPL Powerlifting state championships.

April 2018 won NASA New Mexico powerlifting state championships. Set 4 NASA state powerlifting records.

May 2018 NMLWC youth and master's New Mexico championships

June 2018 New Mexico games track and field 100m 3rd place

June 2018 NMLWC weightlifting state championships 2nd place

December 2018 USPA powerlifting state championships 1st place 40-44 SHW, 2nd place open SHW

Dec 2018 RKU 1st annual weightlifting invitational 1st place 40-44 AG SHW

March 2019 placed 5th place at the 2019 master's national weightlifting championships and qualified for 2020 master's nationals, PanAm and world championships

April 2019 1st place at the USPA tested New Mexico state powerlifting state championships as a 308lb 40-44 and took 2nd place in the open 308lb weight class

April 2019 NASA NM powerlifting state championships (315, 225, 405, 945)

June 2019 New Mexico Games track and field 100 meter 17.89, 200 meter 38.93 and shotput 10.95 meters (35 feet 11 inches)

July 2019 won the USPA tested powerlifting national championships 40-44, 308 (230k, 150k, 262.5k, 642.5k, in lbs 507/330/578.5/1413.5)

Oct 2019 won the New Mexico weightlifting state championships and set a new state record 131k clean and jerk (92/131/223)