December 28, 2014

December 26, 2014

I wasn't lying if i really believed it was true

Today was the third day i was following a healthy eating plan. Between that and my new goals (see yesterdays blog post) i was pretty excited to go to Miller weightlifting to train and to share my new goals and motivations with my coach and fellow gym rats. The response was not what i was expecting. There was awkward glances at one another and a half hearted "sounds good." They might as well of laughed out loud and said, "bullshit". My feelings were hurt, but i shouldn't of expected anything different. I've announced hundreds of times that,

 "I'm going on a diet." 

"I've lost 5 pounds!"

"I'm going to do it this time! "

"One of my old t-shirts fit for the first time in weeks."

All of these grand announcements end up with the same results. Me falling off the wagon and gaining all of my weight back and more. This time is different. I know,  i always say that. But this time i believe it's true. Time to put mt words into action. 

2015 & 2016 Olympic weightlifting goals

When i first started weightlifting in December of 2013 my ultimate goal was to beat an amazing local weightlifter by the name of Barry Schroeder. After watching him lift at a couple meets and seeing him break every New Mexico weightlifting record in both the 94k & 105k thirty five to thirty nine age group i decided to change my goals to something more realistic. 

On August 1st 2014, only 8 months into the sport of weightlifting i was strong enough to break the 105k+ forty to forty four age group New Mexico weightlifting state records. At that time I also become motivated to lose weight and i decided I'd attempt to break the state records in the 105k & 94k forty to forty four age group New Mexico state weightlifting records as i lost weight. Shortly after setting those new goals i fell off the diet wagon and gave up on losing weight. Since then I've gained more weight, for the first time in my life I'm over 300 pounds and I've developed the beginning stages of sleep apnea. So here i am motivated once again to break state records as i lose weight and get to an ideal body weight.  

Barry Schroeder will age up and start lifting in my age group in 2017. So i have until early 2017 to break the old 105k & 94k records, after which its possible he'll crush any records i set between now and then. Or the other option is I gain enough strength to accomplish my original goal of beating Barry Schroeder so my records will stand regardless of what age group he's in. 

My current best lifts after 12 months of Olympic weightlifting are:
Snatch 79k 
Clean and jerk 103k 
Total 182

The records for the 105k 40-44AG are: 
95k snatch set by Doug Briggs in 1999 (I'm currently 16k away from this state record)
122k clean and jerk set by Doug Briggs in 2000 (19k away)
215k total set by Doug Briggs in 1999 (35k away)

The 94k weight class state records are:
100k Snatch set by Jim Snyder in 2005 (I'm currently 21k away from this state record)
117.5k clean and jerk set by Jim Snyder in 2005 (15.5k away)
217.5k total set in 2005 by a Jim Snyder (36.5k away)

December 15, 2014

fat gain and olympic weightlifting

First things first, The Miller gym has changed the date of the The John Davis memorial weightlifting meet. The John Davis memorial is the meet I've been training the last 12 months for. The date has changed from Jan 17th to Jan 24th. I'm glad, that will give me an extra week to prepare. My strength has been gaining faster the last month than I've ever had happen. My strength has gained so much the training program coach Shane Miller has me on has become ridiculously easy. I've been wanting to throw some extra weight on the bar during my training sessions. The only thing that has stopped me is that I don't want to end up screwing up something with such an important meet coming up in January.

I'm still struggling with my weight. Struggling horribly. I've always struggled with my weight, but since I've picked up weightlifting controlling my eating has seemed like an impossible task. Now that I'm an olympic weightlifter I'm constantly hungry. At this point even when I'm not struggling with emotional eating I'm still struggling to not shovel excessive amounts of food down my throat because of being hungry from lifting. I've gained 40 pounds in the last year of olympic weightlifting. I know some of it's muscle, but most of my weight gain is fat. I have no idea how to stop getting fatter. Yeah yeah, I know some of you people out there are saying to yourselves "the way to not get fatter is to not eat so much". If it was that easy for me I'd never have become obese to begin with. What I really want to do is go back to a 12 step for emotional eaters. The only time I was ever in control of my weight was when I went to and utilized the things from a 12 step program. My church is against any 12 step. I'm not sure what to do. Even if I ignored the teachings of my church and was willing to go to a 12 step I don't have the time. I wont have the time until my wife either graduates nursing school or quits school to go back to work.

December 05, 2014

42 days until my big weightlifting meet

It's 1 month 12 days until the John Davis memorial weightlifting meet. All of my weights are moving up and my form is getting better day by day. My ultimate goal would be to have a 186 total. At my last meet I totaled a 182. I'm relatively sure with my recent strength and form increases I should be able to accomplish my goal. I cant wait, I'm super excited.

I've been trained by coach Shane Miller for a little over 11 months and already I can front squat more than I could back squat before. This week I set a front squat pr of 118.5 kilos and a back squat PR of 137 kilos.

My wife failed a 2nd class this semester. The nursing school she is attending kicks out any students who fails 2 classes. She is appealing the decision in hopes that she can continue. If she wins her appeal the school wont let her continue if she fails a third class. If she fails her appeal she's going to attempt getting a nursing degree in a third school. If she fails a third semester at the school she's at or at another school we have agreed she'll go back to work. We're racking up so many school loans we never be able to recover. Pray for her please.