June 16, 2015

powerlifting totals

A couple of my buddies from church have been working out with each other all year. They told me their goal is to get to a  bench,  squat,  and deadlift of 1000 pounds. They motivated me to challenge them to a N.A.S.A. weightlifting competition.They agreed!  I'm already doing a ton of squatting and deadlifts in weightlifting. All i need to do is start doing bench press a few times a week. I already have a great bench press program. My weightlifting coach Shane Miller built one for me last year. In only a couple months i put on 60 pounds to my bench,  hitting a lifetime PR of 280. I'm going to start throwing in some  bench with my weightlifting and see if i can take these guys to school!  Gonna show 'em how olympic style weightlifters lift! The NASA divisions are:
SUBMASTER: 33 to and including 39
MASTER: 40 years to and including 49; 50 years upwards.

Weight Classes
52.0 kg Class - up to 52.0 kg
56.0 kg Class - 52.01 to 56.0 kg
60.0 kg Class - 56.01 to 60.0 kg
67.5 kg Class - 60.01 to 67.5 kg
75.0 kg Class - 67.51 to 75.0 kg
82.5 kg Class - 75.01 to 82.5 kg
90.0 kg Class - 82.51 to 00.0 kg
100.0 kg Class - 90.01 to 100.0 kg
110.0 kg Class - 100.01 to 110.0 kg
125.0 kg Class - 110.01 to 125.0 kg
140.0 kg Class - 125.1 to 140.0 kg
140+ kg. Class - 140.1 to unlimited

Full powerlifting
a. Squat
B. Bench Press
c. Deadlifts

Full Power Sports Division:
a. Curl
b. Bench Press
c. Deadlift

Power press:
A. Clean
b. Bench Press.

June 15, 2015

weightlifting without supplements and too much work

I've been back, training again for two and a half weeks. My power exercises like squat, clean, and deadlift are back to where they were before my hiatus. But form exercises like snatch, jerk,  overhead squat,  etc are still bad. The New Mexico games are only four and a half weeks away. It'll be close if i can get my lifts back to where they were at my last meet in April.

I've been training consistently. Haven't missed a day since coming back. My diet has been good. I'm eating relatively healthy,  keeping my proteins up. I haven't been using supplements at all. No protein  powder after workouts, no glutamine,  or creatine. I wanted to take a break from them for a weightlifting cycle.

I've been working unbelievable amounts of hours at work. By July fifth i will have worked 5 weeks straight with only two days off, twelve to sixteen hours shifts each day. I'm tying to save up enough cash to move my family off of prison grounds,  buy a house, retire from the prison, and start another career. I'm so tired. I'm sure working this many hours is negatively affecting my weightlifting,  but I'm eager to start the next chapter of my life.

June 07, 2015

My goal: the 2016 masters national weightlifting championships

One of my biggest weightlifting goals is to qualify for the masters national weightlifting championships. The qualifying total is 207k, my best total was 192k in April 2015. I have to gain 15k to my best lifts to qualify by March 2016.

Another great motivation for me to qualify for the 2016 masters national weightlifting championships  is that it will be held in Savannah Georgia. I have an aunt who lives in Columbia South Carolina, 2 hours 50 minutes from the competition. I could visit her and my uncle who just tried from the military. Aunt Stacie is one of only a couple family members who I'm in contact with. Its been almost 7 years since I've seen her. It would be beyond wonderful to see her again. And she's the most amazing cook I've ever seen! Motivation!

June 06, 2015

one year anniversary of my first weightlifting meet

The New Mexico games are next month in Albuquerque. I'm very excited about competing in it this year. Last year's New Mexico games (2014) was the first weightlifting meet I'd ever competed in. I'm hoping i can break the state records for my weight class. That'd be awesome. Breaking state records at a meet a year after my first ever competition.

June 04, 2015

getting back into training

It's amazing to me how quickly i lose strength when i miss training. I lost a ton during the 7 weeks i was out. The good news is I'm gaining it back really quickly.

I'm loving the new training program my coach built for me. It's a 10 day program. My body is chronically sore. I'm loving this so much. I'm hoping i can get back to where i was by the New Mexico games in late July.