June 07, 2015

My goal: the 2016 masters national weightlifting championships

One of my biggest weightlifting goals is to qualify for the masters national weightlifting championships. The qualifying total is 207k, my best total was 192k in April 2015. I have to gain 15k to my best lifts to qualify by March 2016.

Another great motivation for me to qualify for the 2016 masters national weightlifting championships  is that it will be held in Savannah Georgia. I have an aunt who lives in Columbia South Carolina, 2 hours 50 minutes from the competition. I could visit her and my uncle who just tried from the military. Aunt Stacie is one of only a couple family members who I'm in contact with. Its been almost 7 years since I've seen her. It would be beyond wonderful to see her again. And she's the most amazing cook I've ever seen! Motivation!

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