July 04, 2018

2018 LWC New Mexico weightlifting state championships report

Saturday June 30th 2018 I lost my first ever weightlifting state championships (state games) to Carlos Wendler (picture below). He had a 104/127/231. I made a 96/126/222. My lifetime best snatch was a 100. I went for a 101 and missed it. But it was close so that made me feel better. I made a lifetime best 126 clean and jerk Even if I made lifetime best at both lifts he'd still have beaten me by 4k. So the better man definitely won. I set a new state record in the clean and jerk. But he followed me and nailed a 127k, so he'll go down in the record books as the record holder.

 It was a great day that was equally heart breaking. My entire year's goal of being the first man in New Mexico to win all 4 state championships, NASA, USPA, USAPL, and weightlifting is over. So I'm ready to get back to training. Huge shout out to my current and former coaches Vernon Smith-Moore, Joaquin Chavez, and nutrition coach Barry Schroeder. I've lost 80lbs, become stronger, faster, more athletic, healthier, happier, and sexier 😅. You guys are more than just coaches. Your a friend, life mentor, and selfless. I couldn't have gotten to where I'm at without you guys. But the adventure isn't over yet. Next year I'll come back better and sexier than ever. #oldmanstrength

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