March 09, 2008

you're invited to compete in an Aquatic century challenge

One of the reasons I'm doing so well on my training & weight loss is I am VERY competitive. I love a good challenge. On weight watchers online there is a message board called the Fitness Challenge. You can join a challenge you see that interests you, or you can start one of your own. I'm competing in 3 that i have found interesting.
1) is called The Biggest Loser, yup you guessed it. Just like on TV, but you can't get voted off. It's a 12 week challenge that you compete to lose the most weight. There are 6 teams (mine is the Blue Crew). You compete as an individual against everyone on all teams, & also we are competing as a team. So far I'm in first place with 18 pounds lost in 4.5 weeks.
2) The tour the country challenge: You find a place you travel from and a place you travel too. Mine is Muscle Beach Ca to Virginia Beach Va. 2,746 miles. Each day of training you post how many miles you have trained, add that onto your total miles trained since March 1st. And how many miles you have left to complete your particular mileage goal. I'm shooting to complete this in a 6 month period.
3) An aquatic Century. I track my swim mileage each time I swim seeing how long it takes to rack up 100 miles in the pool. I'm hoping to complete this no later than Dec.

I was hoping to get some other fellow bloggers & Outlaws to compete in the aquatic century also. I figure I'll post my monthly progress on the Outlaw message board at & the Mile High Multisport blog at at the end of each month. Anyone else want to try their hand at an aquatic century? Feel free to log your progressive mileage at the Outlaws message board also. good luck & happy training.

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