March 02, 2009

Teaching my daughter, stressing my wife

Yesterday I signed my daughter up for the age 5 swim class she tested into. She's only three & a half years old!!!! That's my girl!!!

To the horror of my wife & in-laws I'm looking in to her starting to practice with the Santa Fe Patriots, which is a local Santa Fe wrestling team. She can practice at age 3, but can't actually compete until she's 4 or 5. And then of course there's the thing I'm most looking foreword to, at age 5 she can start taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the Santa Fe jiu-jitsu academy!!! Oh ya. I won't have to worry about my baby girl. She'll be able to take care of herself! She may even be able to whoop her old man soon:)

Then of course there's 2 more babies of mine (one in utero) which I will teach the fine art of Don't Mess With Me!!!! A whole clan of lil' bad blond mama-jamma's!!!! To the horror of my wife, I really am loving being a Father:)

Now as far as my Multisport training is going I'm a tad bit confused. My weight is fluctuating, but seems to be staying in the 220-230 range. Of course I'd prefer to be lighter, because light isn't just a weight, it's speed. But as long as I'm under 230 I won't stress. I'm destined to be big bald & beautiful! At least that's what I assume because I have a hottie of a wife, & I know darn well she isn't with me because of my money, or intellect. I know she's not with me because of the things I get my baby girl into either because I send my wife into small states of panic on a consistent basis. I do get a sick kind of fascination watching that though. (cue evil laugh)

At the beginning of this week I did a run Time Trial to test my lactate threshold. I am a slower runner now than I have been since early 2004. Late 08 I was running a 6 minute 18 second mile. Last month it slowed to a 7:35. This week an 8:24!!!! Uuuhhgg!!! To be completely honest I was very close to not racing the Raptor Duathlon on the 15th of March because of how slow I'd become in my running.

On the flip side I did a cycling Time Trial today & I was faster than I've ever been. Usually I feel when I'm making speed gains & today's TT PR was a complete & total surprise to me. I went a full half a mile faster in a 30 minute TT. That is a pretty substantial gain! I have no idea what is going on with my body right now. How can I make such gains in one event & digress so much in another? I dunno, but I guess I'll go ahead & show up to the Raptor Du. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky & be the only Clydesdale to show that day. Doubtful, but as Princess Leah said "Obi-One, your our only hope". Ok, a little out of context, but that very well be my only hope.

I've decided to start swimming again. I had taken time off from the pool to let my M-dot tattoo heal. For those of you who don't know the story, I got an Ironman tattoo on the back of my right calf & then went swimming before it was healed so consequently it faded from the red it was supposed to be to a bright pink. I got it re-colored & lo-and-behold it came out pink again!!! What the heck? Well, to be specific, it's no longer a bright pink. Now it's a much more dignified dark pink. Uuhhhggg!!! Out of all the colors of ink my body has to reject why did it have to be red? Well, since my tattoo's already an embarrassment I might as well start swimming early again. It's not likely to turn rainbow which would be the only thing I can think of that would be worse than a dang pink tattoo.

Now onto the important stuff. I've started studying the theological ideological differences of Armenian faith vs. Reformed faith. Not sure why God led me to study such a huge & hotly contested theological issue. This issue has been debated since 431 at The Council Of Ephesus. But the Lord has led me to study this, so I will do my best. I've read 1 book on reformed faith & the points brought up were convincing. Now I'm searching for a well written book supporting the Armenian aspect. If there are any suggestions on books for either side I'm willing to hear em. Also any of you Christ following peeps out there who have an opinion, feel free to leave one in the comment section, or if you'd prefer your opinion to not be public feel free to email it. I'm thirsting for knowledge here.

Thanks for tuning in, I'm out!!!!


Chris said...

Hey Brother. I may have just the book for you. I was at the FCA-Endruance evangelism weekend retreat and they talked about that specific topic and had several resources available. I'll get the info from the leaders and post it to you here.

Bob A said...

Opinion: I like the option between Reformed and Armenian, though I don't know the term for it. For lack of vocabulary, I suppose I would describe it as secured free will. I actually think that we live in the mystery, somewhere between absolute free will and predestination. God is sovereign and desires that all be saved but each person has to make the decision. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no-one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Eph 2:8-10). Enjoy your study.