November 08, 2009

a new season

The Silverman 70.3 triathlon was going to be my last race of the year, I had to bail out of the Silverman. My wife simply wasn't healed up enough from the C section. Now the 2009 season is officially over. I ended up having a decent season. I took 7th place in my division in the Halfman National Championships. I PR'd a 70.3 distance race with a 5 hr 30 min time. & I took 2nd place in the Clydesdale open division in the South West Challenge series.

Although I'm weighing in 17 pounds higher than was my goal for this time was, I'm still super excited about the upcoming 2010 season. Although I'm weighing in 17 pounds higher than was my goal, I'm getting faster. I'm only training for sprints this year so I haven't been going long much. I've been doing more speed work than I ever have in the past.

Back at the beginning of the 2008 season I was weighing in the low 200's & felt I could get below 200 & stay there for the whole season. Based off of how I felt I decided to race the season as an Age Grouper. I ended up taking 1st place 30-34 AG in the SW series, but was very disheartened & frustrated because I was only able to stay below that magical weight of 200 for a little over a month.

This year again I have decided to race as an age grouper. This year I know the chances of me getting below, much less staying below 200 pounds is slim to none. My goal unlike 2008 is to race as an AG & enjoy the competition of the age group I'm now in. Oh, by the way, I age up this month. I'm now 34 & where my birth date lands puts me in the 35-39 ag.

The 35-39 ag is no joke. That age group is easily the fastest age group out there. So my work is cut out for me. But I have something a lot of the faster 35-39 year olds don't have: the willingness & suport to do 16 or more races in the South West this year.

Wish me luck for the 2010 season I'm going to need it!


Big Clyde said...

Cody, well done this season. I am following your blog to get some tips and inspiration, given that I am just starting cycling and doing my first race this month. Looking forward to following your blog in 2010. Go get those geezers in the 35-39 group!

Big Clyde

Cody the Clydesdale said...
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Smitty said...

You're awesome Cody! You should do the Quad Cities Tri in Davenport IA! It's the Team USA qualifier for Worlds in Sprint in 2010. It's a very feasible goal... they take top 18 in each age group! No athenas or clydes.. but you're fast enough to make it in your AG! I'm gonna give it a shot... See you there?