Attempting to qualify for the masters national weightlifting championships by lifting a 230k total

May: 97/122/219k
March: 96/116/207k
Jan: 91/112/203k
Oct: 87/115/202k
July: 87/108/195k
April: 88/106/192k
Jan: 83/107190k
Nov: 79/103/182k
July: 76/100/176k
May: 65/89/154k

June 12, 2013

The 2013 Santa Fe triathlon

A few weeks after I came to grip with, and announced that I'm retiring from multisport the Santa Fe triathlon registration opened. The Santa Fe triathlon and the Atomic Man duathlon are two races I try to never miss. So even though I'm officially retired from triathlon I've registered and will be racing the Santa Fe triathlon on September 21st. Just call me Brett Favre....


Matt Broilo said...

Don't call it a comeback?

You are the man and this sounds like a positive thing.

TNTriathlete said...
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