June 29, 2014

more strength gains and a little weight loss

The last time I posted an update on my training I was struggling with my jerks. I've become much better at them. I've made a few form corrections. The jerk is still my biggest weakness, but I made a 5k jump since I last posted. Pretty good progress I think. This week I set lifetime PR's on my snatch of 74k, my clean and jerk at 94k, deadlift at 163k, and bench press at 272.2 pounds. The exercise I've made the biggest gains with is my bench press- I know, bench isn't an olympic weightlifting exercise, but I love it so I do it anyways. The bench press has always been my weakest exercise. In the last few months it's jumped from a 235lbs max to a lifetime PR set today at 272.2lbs! My old best was 270 pounds set in the summer of 1999, 15 years ago.

A few weeks ago I was weighing 290 pounds. This week I'm down to 284. I'm finally feeling like I'm getting my diet under control. I'm hoping to get down to the 240's by next years Pan American masters weightlifting championships.

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