February 23, 2016

nightmare 2 weeks

Man have things been stressful. I'm buying a new homowe, selling the home we have, I'm retiring from my career of over 21 years, I'm job searching, attempting to put my kids in a new school in another city, my Suburban broke down for the third time in 4 weeks, and I got word my favorite aunt's cancer has returned. Her cancer is terminal. We drove to Lubbock last weekend to say goodbye. While there we stayed with my cousin and ate what they served. Yet another weekend of not doing what I'm supposed to diet wise.

The last 12 days I stopped working out and I stopped working with my nutrition coach. I regret making the decision to no longer work with my nutrition coach. He was awesome in every way. I've gotten the best results in weightlifting I've ever had working with him while simultaneously losing weight. But I'll be moving soon and I know there's no way in hell I'll be able to stay on the diet wagon during the transition period from one home to another. It doesn't  make sense to work with a nutritionist if there'll be a 1-2 week period that I know I won't follow any diet plan. Plus I felt like every weekend I was full of excuses about why I didn't follow the diet. They were legitimate, but still excuses get old and there's nothing I hate more than feeling like I'm letting someone down.

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coach dion said...

Good Luck
Keep the stress away if you can't get to the gym at the moment just pop out for a run it's good for the sole!