August 11, 2016

no more yoyo dieting for me

I've never once said “I want to lose 30 pounds, keep it off briefly, then gain it all back, with some extra pounds for good measure." Last month I fell off the diet wagon and in three weeks I gained back almost all of the weight I'd lost over a three month period. So I've decided I'm not going to try and lose tons of weight anymore. It doesn't work for me. I'm going to try to get down to 299 pounds, eat for weightlifting performance, and maintain that weight. No more yoyo dieting for me. Besides, I make big and bald look danm sexy!

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coach dion said...

I love food too much to diet, so I use the input output theory. Not easy to keep from putting on weight while on crutches, the output isn't enough. my 20min swim 3-4 times a week isn't enough. need to get running again, but I hope the bike will help I should be riding again in a week or so.
That said I eat well (good food) but the odd (and even) beer and wine, chocolate and chips isn't really good for a ripped body!

Hope you find a happy weight... I would say, put in a bit of running to loose weight but I hear you saying my training time is used in the gym and the rest of my time is for my family... Then keep it like that :)