October 14, 2008

Where I train

I live & train in Santa Fe. It's 6800 ft above sea level so when I go out of state to race I am almost always racing at a much lower altitude. Since I live & train at such a high elevation I rarely get out of breath when I race. Limitless 0-2 in my arsenal baby!

There are paved country roads everywhere on the outskirts of the city. Some rolling hills, but mostly areas that require a lot of climbing. I have been planning on taking pictures of my training routes. My cousin and one of my best friends Greg came up from Hawaii to visit. While he was here we rode highway 14. Also known as Turquoise trail. He took some great pictures. I'll post them to show what gorgeous scenery I train in.

A little over half way up Heart Break Hill

North of Madrid
Beginning of Heart break Hill

Greg outside of Madrid
Tail end of Heart Break Hill
South of Madrid NM
Rock formations outside of Santa Fe

Near Madrid NM

The rising sun near Lone Butte
Cerrillos NM
This is the Diner in Madrid NM that Wild Hogs was filmed in. They built the Diner specifically for the movie. They paid the town of Madrid to let Disney film there unrestricted until the completion of the movie.


S. Baboo said...

That looks like an awesome New Mexico ride. Is that what you have planned for us?

Duane said...

WHo is that skinny guy in the yellow shirt?

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

That looks fantastic. Now, if I could have about 2x the amount of time to complete it, I'd be set!