December 18, 2011

yearly physical.....

I went in for my yearly physical last week. The blood test came back with two liver enzymes being very high. One of the tests would be high if it was in the mid 40’s, my results from that test came back in the high 40’s. The other test would be high if it was in the mid 30’s; my results were in the 460’s. I’m being sent for more specialized blood tests and an ultra sound of my liver this Tuesday.

I googled the results and found that the liver enzyme results can be high if:

-The test is a false positive. With how high my enzymes were the nurse who I scheduled a follow up test with claimed a false negative is highly unlikely.

Muscle damage. My liver enzyme tests may have been high if I had severe muscle damage. I had competed in an Ironman 3 weeks before my yearly physical. I’m hoping that the test results were high because my muscles hadn’t healed from a 15 hour Iron distance triathlon. The nurse who scheduled my follow up testing said it’s doubtful exercise caused the high results, but I’m hoping this was the reason.

Lung damage. I don’t know of any reason at all that my lungs had been damaged recently, so this one is doubtful.

Kidney damage. I had a couple days of over-eating before my yearly physical. I doubt binge eating could have caused high liver enzyme results, but my eating disorder causing health problems is always a fear of mine.

The most likely reason for high liver enzyme levels would be liver damage. I haven’t drank more than a couple drinks at a time since 2003, so drinking couldn’t have been a reason.

I’ve never done any drugs. I’m not on any medications.

One of the tests they will be doing on Tuesday is a hepatitis test. I seriously doubt I have hepatitis. I’ve never done a drug in my life, and I’ve been faithfully married to my wife since 2003. I was hospitalized in September for a cycling crash. I know it’s unlikely to get hepatitis from needles or other mistakes in a hospital, so I doubt I have hepatitis.

I go in for more tests on Tuesday to see what is up with my liver enzyme's. I’ll post here what the blood tests and ultra sound of my liver reveal.

If any of my blog readers out there of followers of Christ, I’d be forever grateful if you’d be willing to pray for me and my family. Thank you for all your support.

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kristhekid2011 said...

You have my prayers, Coach. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge God and He will make your path straight."