December 03, 2011

Cold weather racing at the upcoming Nutcracker triathlon

A small storm hit New Mexico last night so a lot of the day watch staff called in sick to work at the prison, I was given a mandatory 16 hour shift. I'm not complaining at all, I'm glad for the overtime money with Christmas coming. Overtime is one of the perks of working at the State Penn.

I got off work this morning at 10 AM then slept for 4 hours, I didn't want to sleep more than that or it would disrupt my sleep tonight. I need to rest up for tomorrow, I'll be competing in the Nutcracker triathlon in the morning, a local sprint distance race. It's currently snowing & the weather forecast for the race start is 27 degrees. claims it will feel like 24 degrees. There's 200 athletes registered for this race, so apparently I'm not the only person out there who is tri-nuts or tri-tarded and willing to race in sub freezing temperatures.

The last couple years I raced in December in below freezing temps I wore gloves, racing shorts, and a shirt. Now that I'm at a much lower body weight I cant tolerate the cold like I could when I was heavier. I'll be adding a wind breaker to my race garb. Any more clothes than that and it would slow me down too much in transition!

I'll post a race report early next week. Thanks for tuning in!

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