March 10, 2013

updated 2013 triathlon and duathlon series

Every year since I started training and racing in multisport I'd been competing in the South West Challenge series. Last year the SWCS had 36 races, This year it has less than 10 races and the majority of them are in the Las Cruces/ El Paso area. Sadly, since there are not any races in my area I wont be competing the the SWCS anymore. I'll mostly be competing in the Chasing 3 series open water series. And I'll be racing as a clydesdale (220 pound and above) all year.

So far it looks like this will be my race schedule for 2013:

1- The Missile Man duathlon (duathlon)

2- The Jay Benson triathlon, Albuquerque NM (sprint)

3- The 4 corners X-terra triathlon, Farmington NM (X-terra)
4- The Billy The Kid triathlon, Fort Sumner NM (OLY)
5- Storrie Lake triathlon, Las Vegas NM (oly)

6- City of Lakes triathlon, Santa Rosa NM (sprint)
7- Cochiti Lakes triathlon, Cochiti NM (oly or sprint)

8- The 505 triathlon, Cochiti NM (LC or Sprint)

9- The Santa Fe triathlon, Santa Fe NM (sprint)
10- X-terra Dread Mon, Truth or Consequences NM (X-terra)
11- Trinidad Del Muerto, Truth or Consequences NM (Half Iron distance)

12- The Nutcracker triathlon, Rio Rancho NM (sprint)

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