December 05, 2013

week 4 of Olympic weightlifting 105k+ division

This week, my 4th week of Olympic weightlifting, my coach Shane Miller has me doing some new training exercises. He's added overhead squats, front squats, power cleans from the floor, and snatches from the floor to my training regimen. I've also come close to hitting my max weight on some of the exercises I've been doing like squats. On Wed I left the gym feeling wiped out. Today I woke up and my body is still very tired. My legs still feel weak and my shoulders are sore. It feels great.

After maintaining my weight for all of last week this week I dropped my calories about a thousand a day below my metabolic weight, which will allow me to lose approximately 2 pounds per week. My short term goal is to get to the lower end of the super heavy weight division. I'm currently 267 pounds, 35 pounds from my 1st goal.

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