April 09, 2015

sick again- overtraining

I got sick on April 2nd. It was a heck of an illness. I took 32 hours of sick leave last week, and today i was still too sick to go to the gym. Last week i almost drove myself to the emergency room, i thought i was having a heart attack. Of course I'm   a stubborn man. I decided i would wait to see how i was feeling rather than go get checked to see if i was dieing.

I think it was a really horrible upper respiratory illness. I don't know what it was (is), but i do know what caused it. I've been getting ill at the tail end of every 3 month training cycle since i started weightlifting 15 months ago. I'm great at digging deep, pushing myself longer and harder than most could, but I'm not very good at allowing myself the proper amount of recovery. I've been told from one of my former coaches I'm all heart, no brains. Starting next week I'm going to train one less day every two weeks. Hopefully that will give myself enough rest and recovery to stop me from getting sick every training cycle.

This long of an illness may have totally destroyed my chances at setting more PR's and state records at the next weightlifting meet. As a matter of a fact, i'm going to ask coach Miller if i could just skip this next weightlifting tournament. Taking this long away from training would make for a piss poor performance.

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