February 09, 2017

Acupuncture and back injuries

Awhile back someone crashed through a security gate at my work and ran me over. Since then I've been struggling with a lot of back pain. I had to give up Olympic style weightlifting. At least temporarily. Since then I've tried resting my back, training through the injury, and even physical therapy. Nothing helps. Last week I tried getting acupuncture. After only one treatment my back pain was cut in half. Today I received my 2nd treatment and I feel almost pain free. Worker's comp has authorized 6 treatments. I think it's possible I'll be back to normal soon with the acupuncture. Man what a difference!


coach dion said...

sorry to hear about the injury
hope it comes right soon
been missing your posts

Mona Malec said...

Oh Cody! I am so sorry!

Use all the treatments...even if you feel great after just two...use them all....they can really fix and adjust all sorts of stuff you didn't even know was giving you issues.

I'm glad you are ok!