June 23, 2017

Medical update

I saw an endocrinologist this week. She believes my poor strength, inability to recover, weight gain, and fatigue has to do with me getting ran over by a car. She believes my pituitary gland was damaged. In addition to low testosterone I also had no detectable human growth hormone, my calcium has dropped significantly, etc. I'm having more tests done to see what we can do about it. Until we figure it out she requested I slow down or stop training altogether.

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FatCyclist said...

The same thing happened to me about 8 years ago, they did an MRI on my head, because they thought it might be a tumor pressing on my pituitary, but there was nothing. I was on weekly testosterone shots for about 6 months, then everything went back to normal. They never figured out what happened or why they went back to normal. Just a mystery.