September 10, 2009

A great wife, great triathlons, & a kicking boy

Last week I did a 1000 yard Time Trial & shattered my old PR. My previous best was around 17:30. I swam a 14:39 last week. I'll be wearing a wet suit during my upcoming race, which makes a person more buoyant & fast. I'm expecting to break my half Iron swim PR by 5 minutes.

Like I said in previous posts, I'm in full blown taper mode & rearing to race! I feel good & have been averaging a weight between 200-204 pounds. Wish me luck!

New news! My buddy won't be able to utilize his Silverman Half Iron Slot, so he gave it to me! My cousin Chris & I are going to race the Silverman Half triathlon together. The Silverman is Nov 8th. I suspect I'll be weighing approximately 190 pounds by then. The lowest I've EVER raced before was 192, & I was SMOKING FAST at that race! I plan on weighing less than that at the Silverman. & I will no longer be a Clydesdale!

One year out of every 5 my cousin & I are in the same Age Group. This is one of those years, & since I will no longer be a Clyd, he & I will be in the same wave start for the Silverman. That makes for a pretty exciting race component! By no means am I expecting to have a finishing time anywhere near his, he's a natural triathlete. But it will definitely make the race more fun & challenging!

Let me break something down here, let me explain to you how amazing & supportive a wife I have. Sept 19th is the Redman Half Iron in Oklahoma city Ok. That's 4 weeks before my son, baby #3 is due. The Silverman half Iron in Las Vegas, Nevada is Nov 8th, 3 weeks after my son is due. That my wife is willing to let me leave her for a race with an unborn child & 2 toddlers is mind boggling to me! What she'll be going through will be much more difficult during each of those 2 triathlon trips than ANY Half Iron I could attempt! I thank the Lord for her every day.

I work nights, & every morning when I crawl into bed my unborn son and I play for half an hour or so. When I lay in bed next to my wife I lay my hand on her stomach he'll start kicking, kneeing, & elbowing my hand, I'll poke him back. Yesterday morning for the first time I felt him push against my hand with his hand.... I felt my boys hand for the first time! It was very exciting & touching for me.

Again, I'd like to point out what an amazing wife I have. I lay down to sleep at 6:30am and my boy & I poke at each other for half an hour through her stomach. She patiently puts up with our rough housing with each other until one or both of us boys falls asleep.

My unborn son knows the difference between my touch & anyone else. He only plays like that when he feels my hand. If my wife puts anyone else hands in the same spot on her stomach my son won't play with them like he does me:) My boy & I have already developed a bond & trust. I love being a Dad!

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Tyler said...

What an awesome post. That said, if you're not competing as a Clydesdale anymore, can we expect a blog name change? :-)