October 15, 2012

2012 South West Challenge series year end results

The only race left that needs to be tallied for the 2012 South West Challenge Series year end results are the Cotton Country sprint triathlon. Rather than wait for the series point counter I looked up the Cotton Country sprint triathlon results and figured out who the winners for each division are on my own. I'm %90 certain these are correct. I listed some amazing performances for the 2012 South West Challenge series below, the SW series points are listed below that.

The Age Group that had that had the highest combined points total for the top 3 in their AG was the male 60-64 with 214 points between them. They finished 29 races between the top three!!!

The male 20-25 AG was the age group with the closest finish between the top 3 finishers, the top 3 were separated by only 2 points!

Sara Hall and Flip Lyle competed in the most SW series races with 14 races in 2012! Sara Hall also completed 12 races in 2011, 15 in 2010, 16 in 2009, and 8 in 2008 for a total of 65 races in 5 years!!!

Robert Browning had the highest points for the 2012 South West Challenge series with 80.75.

Scott Darling of the 60-64 AG had the most age group victories with 9 races finished in 1st place in his AG in 2012!

In 2012 Flip Lyle of the 65-69 male AG had the largest margin of victory with 33 points over 2nd place.

There are 3 athletes in the men 35-39 who are tied for third place with 48 points!

Below are the 2012 South West Challenge Series age group winners.
Clydesdale open division
Champion B. Laird 57 points
2nd place A Ceniceros 45 points
3rd placeJ Sanchez 41 points

Clydesdale masters division
Champion M. Mowles 79 points
2nd place J. McClure 54 points

Male 20 and under:
Champion Josh Gordon 69 points
2nd place- Ben Campbell- 68 points
3rd place- Alex Bradbury- 50 points

male 20-24
Champion William Kessler 31.5 points

male 25-29
Champion Michael Castaneda 49 points
2nd place Matt Gonzales 48 points
3rd place Gage Bonestroo 47 points

male 30-34
Champion Dustin Ward 65 points
2nd place- Randolph Knox 49 points
3rd place- Jason Atkinson 48 points

male 35-39
Champion Price Lawhon 65 points
2nd place- Cody Hanson 50 points
T- 3rd place- Matt Hall 48 points
T- 3rd place- Jeremy Harwood 48 points
T-3rd place Jan Grande 48 points

male 40-44
Champion R. Browning 80 points
2nd place A. Lugo 58 points
3rd place G. Heredia 51 points

male 45-49
Champion J. Kehrle 80 points
2nd place G. Garcia 68 points
3rd place S. Crane 64 points

male 50-54
Champion R. Reynold 68 points
2nd place B. Gonzales 60 points
3rd place G. Southard 56.25 points

male 55-59
Champion C. Armstrong 78.24
2nd place L. Barfield 72 points
3rd place J Jackson 71 points

male 60-64
Champion S. Darling 80 points
2nd place R. Wiggs 72 points
3rd place M. Strum 62 points

male 65-69
Champion F. Lyle 80 points (14 races)
2nd place G Sargent 47 points

male 70-74
Champion K. O'Connor 78 points
2nd place M. Greer 48 points

Champion R. Park 70 points

Athena masters division
Champion S. Hall 76 points (14 races!!!)
2nd place P. Miller 35

Female 25-29
Champion A. Howell 45 points
2nd place I. Speer 41 points
3rd place A. Wagner 39 points

Female 30-34
Champion R Ruiz 57 points
2nd place S. Bailes 30 points

Female 35-39
Champion D. Sather 43 points

Female 40-44
Champion D. Steele 80 points
2nd place S Heredia 65 points

Female 45-49
Champion D. Steele 80 points
2nd place S. Heredia 65 points

Female 50-54
Champion K. Carlsen 70 points
2nd place H. Crane 67 points
3rd place S. Crewe 60.25 points

Female 55-59
Champion J. Herbert 50.25oints
2nd place P. Baker 50 points

Female 60-64
Champion M. Balsiger 47 points

Female 65-69
Champion C. Akright

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