January 29, 2013

The Broken Spoke bike shop Santa Fe NM

Since my favorite bike shop, Frankie Flats went out of business late last year I've been searching for a  bike shop to do business with. The owners of my old bike shop suggested I go to The Broken Spoke here in Santa Fe NM. Earlier this week the battery to my bikes computer died. It would have been an easy fix for me to do, but this was the perfect opportunity to see if this shop was honest and reasonably priced.

The last bike shop I went to was Charlies bike shop and asked them to do a small swap of components. When I went to pick up my bike from Charlies they doubled the amount they had quoted me, refused to give me my old equipment back, and even stole my drivers licence.

At the Broken Spoke my bike was ready for me to pick up the day after I dropped it off. The fees were fair and they were super friendly. They even put new zip ties on my rear transmitter at no charge. Looks like I've found myself a new bike shop!

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