November 30, 2013

Olympic weightlifting updated goals

Since I'm so new to Olympic weightlifting I've been changing goals more often than my daughter changes outfits. I've realized my goal of getting to the 85k weight division is unattainable. When I got my body fat tested at the UNM exercise physiology center a few weeks ago I had 179.9 pounds of lean mass. As I'm continuing to weight lift I'll build more muscle, so attempting to get to 187 pounds would be ridiculous. I think for now I just want to get to the lower limit of the 105k+ and maintain there for a year or so. While maintaining my weight I'll be building more muscle and strength than I would if I was dieting and losing weight.

I'm currently 268 pounds. I now have 34 more pounds to lose. 34 more pounds to lose sounds a lot better to me than 81 does.

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