November 07, 2013

starting Olympic weightlifting

After getting ran over while cycling a couple years ago I've decided cycling isn't worth the risk. It's amazing how a brain injury can change a persons views on what is important. So now I need to find a sport to replace triathlon. Since I can't afford CrossFit right now I've decided to attempt Olympic weightlifting. I'm starting Monday!

This weekend I'll be helping out with the 1st annual Buffalo Classic Olympic weightlifting competition, next year I'm going to compete in it! I'm very excited. This is the first step in a new goal. Hopefully I'll enjoy Olympic Weightlifting as much as I did triathlon.

56 kg≤ 56.00kg 123.3 pounds
62 kg56.01kg – 62.00kg 123.22 pounds-136.4 pounds
69 kg62.01kg – 69.00kg 136.422 pounds-151.8 pounds
77 kg69.01kg – 77.00kg 151.822 pounds-169.4 pounds
85 kg77.01kg – 85.00kg 169.422 pounds-187 pounds
94 kg85.01kg – 94.00kg 187.002 pounds-206.8 pounds
105 kg94.01kg – 105.00kg 206.822 pounds-231 pounds
+105 kg≥ 105.01kg 231.002 pounds