November 14, 2013

Why Olympic weighlifting?

My wife and I became members of a CrossFit box earlier this year. She and I both loved it. It didn't take me very long to realize my favorite part of CrossFit was Olympic weightlifting. Shortly after that my employer cut my hours back big time. My wife and I couldn't afford to go to CF anymore. Miller Olympic weightlifting rents a space from the local CrossFit gym and is significantly cheaper, so thanks to a generous birthday gift from my natural father I was able to start at Miller's Olympic weightlifting. My wife loves CrossFit and will return to our local CF gym as soon as we're able to afford it again. If I had unlimited funds I'd do Olympic weightlifting 3 days a week and CF 2 or 3. But unless I hit the lottery, I think Olympic weightlifting is my niche. I'm not sure if I can explain what it is about Olympic weightlifting that I enjoy so much. It reminds me a lot of triathlon. It's an individual sport. My gains are based on what I do. Each workout I'm pitted against myself. How I perform during my first Olympic weightlifting competition is a direct result of how well I push myself during each workout, how clean my diet is, how much rest and recovery I get. I'm a driven person, once I set on a goal I don't let go. This will be fun. Strength training, a new and unexplored goal. One that I believe I will end up kicking butt at, just like I did at triathlon. Perhaps even more than I did at triathlon because I've always responded better to strength training than I ever did to endurance athletics. Now just need to get out of the super weight division (231+) and into the 85 kilogram division (187 pounds and below). I started at 280 pounds, I'm down to 273 pounds, 86 pounds to go!

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