July 26, 2014

weightlifting competition morning

Olympic weightlifting is more enjoyable than any other other sport I've ever completed in. The morning of a weightlifting competition is especially so. When I competed in triathlons I'd have to wake up and start loading equipment up at 4:30am. The traffic at a triathlon could at times be horrifying and stressful.Often times a triathlon would be held at a lake in the middle of nowhere so I couldn't rely on GPS to get me there. I had to be at the race site by 6-6:30am and set up my transition area. Race started at 8am. In weightlifting weigh ins aren't usually until 10am! There's no need to load gobs of equipment either. All I need is shoes and a suit. In weightlifting I slept late, drove to the gym, weighed in, then I had time to leave for lunch and still make it back in time for my 1st lift! All in all weightlifting is so much less stressful for me. I'm really happy to be doing this.

I'll start my warm up for my 2nd weightlifting competition in a couple minutes, this one is being held in my home town of Santa Fe NM at Miller weightlifting. I'm excited, I've made really great gains in the last couple months. I'll post how I did as soon as I can.

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