January 02, 2015

weightlifting with a hangover

Today i learned two things:

1) new years day is really bad for weightlifting. I don't party much any more, so i was surprised by how much i was affected. I've had more than 24 hours to recover and i was still weak and felt incredibly sluggish. 

2) even though i had an off day lifting i was strong and made every lift. As long as my form and speed is half as good as my strength has become I'm going to crush the John Davis memorial weightlifting meet on January 24th, 2015. If my speed and form is half way decent i think i'll be able to put up an 81/107/188!!!! My old PR was set just 2 months ago,  in November 2014, it was a 79/103/182. The old New Mexico state record is a 60/80/140!!!!! I'm looking forward to crushing both my PR and the state record!!!!!

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