April 14, 2016

different form, state records, and national records

My first week training High Dessert Athletic Club I thought my form was bad and needed a lot of corrections. Now I've realized it's not that my form was poor, it's that the club I was at then and the club I'm at now teach different technique of the snatch and clean and jerk. Much different.

I'm learning the new technique quickly, but I'm pretty sure there will be a learning curve for me. I'll get worse for awhile before I get better.

My next competition will be at High Dessert Athletic Club on April 24th. I'm hoping to break the three state records I set in March of 96k, 116k, 212k.

 Then on April 30th, 6 days later, I'll be competing in the NASA New Mexico state championships powerlifting meet. If I compete well I'll set or break 11 national and state records in the following divisions for the SHW 40-44 ag:
1) power press- police
2) power press- open
3) power press- pure
4) power sports- pure
5) power sports- police
6) power sports- master 1
7) Unequiped push/pull- pure
8) Unequiped push/pull- police
9) Unequiped powerlifting- police
10) Unequiped bench- police
11) equipped powerlifting- open

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coach dion said...

Let's hope that new form brings new records