April 19, 2016

my new job makes me feel I'm being immoral

I'm being trained for my new job. Its a great paying job with incredible benifits. At first I thought I'd love this job, but as I'm learning more about it I've realized I'm not very comfortable with what I'm being asked to do there. They're telling me I need to confiscate people's personal property if they enter a certain area. Even if there are loop holes in the law that allows me to do it I just don't think it's right. I feel it violates Americans rights against illegal search and seizure. They're also telling me that I can detain people, by hamdcuffing them if necessary, until law enforcement arrives to arrest them. But I know in many areas if i detain someone without the legal right to arrest them I'd be guilty of false arrest and false imprisonment. My new employers aren't telling us what the laws are or if we'd be breaking the law doing what they are asking me to do. And since I'm a contract employee, not an employee of that agency I could be arrested or even sued personally.

Tomorrow after training I'm submitting a job aplication for one of my two dream jobs, ABF. This is the third time in the last year I've applied for this job.