April 08, 2016

form corrections

Recently I completed my 2nd day of training at High Dessert Athletic Club  (HDAC). Juaquin broke down and corrected my form in almost every exercise I did: snatch deadlifts, snatch pulls from the knees, cleans, jerks, and even back squats which I thought was great at. Oympic style weightlifting is mostly form, so I'm motivated and excited to fix my form deficiencies. Fixing my form will benifit my weightlifting quicker than speed or strength increases. But I'm also being pushed hard at HDAC. Really hard! So I'll also be putting on a tremendous amount of speed and strength while creating great form. The combination of those three will be exciting to experience. I was worried when I moved away from Santa Fe that I'd have to give up weightlifting. But so far I'm a happy weightlifter! I do have one big regret though. The best weightlifting increases I've ever made was late 2015 through February of this year when I had hired a nutrition coach. I can't help thinking, what kind of massive increases would I be making if I was still working with him? 

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Mona Malec said...

ooooof....that is such hard work. And it will payoff!