June 15, 2007

This is a copy of my first email to Ironman

Reason: Big athletes need love too

To the Ironman corporation,
I qualified and completed the 2006 70.3 Clearwater triathlon as a 30-34 age grouper, yet I am proud to be a clydesdale. Most triathletes major goal is to complete at least one Ironman in thier life. All triathletes want to be known as an "Ironman". Even Clydes and Athanenas. There are hundreds if not thousands of Clydesdales and Athenas who compete in Ironman & 70.3 each year. Our entrance fees cost the same as an age grouper, and our money spends the same. What I am asking is that Ironman recognize Clydes and Athenas as a division. That they hand out awards to the Clydes & Athenas 3 deep just like they do age groupers. That they create a Clyd and Athena division at Kona & Clearwater & that they hand out slots to those divisions at each Ironman sponsored event just like they do for every age group.

There is a new long course triathlon company that is competing for dominance with Ironman. The Tri One O One. They are recognizing Clydes and Athenas as a division and give awards to us 5 deep, they also have the Clydes and Athenas division at their championship race. The Clydes and Athenas may not be as fast of a division, but I think you should look up the numbers of your 70.3 and Ironman and see how many of us there are. If you'd be more willing to recognize us it would be securing loyalty amongst a "large group" literally and figuratively:)

I would be honored if you would respond. Thank you for your time, Cody Hanson

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