April 07, 2012

Over a dozen weapons found in NM prison

I found this article on KRQE about my work place. I wonder, are the inmates hoarding shanks because of how much overtime I've been working? If the inmates dont like me there they could just say something, jeesh, talking about over kill! watch the video on KRQE if you get a chance. Just click on the link: Over a dozen weapons found in NM prison

SANTA FE (KRQE) - Guards at a state prison in Santa Fe did a full sweep Wednesday and found more than a dozen shanks after getting a tip that something dangerous was brewing.

Officers normally find three or four shanks a month, but a prison spokeswoman says on March 29th and 30th they did a shakedown after sensing a gang fight was simmering. That's when they found the weapons.

Officers say some of the inmates not only figured out how to make and hide weapons, but how those weapons can do the most damage.
"what they'll do is they'll put feces on them and whenever it punctures the skin, you know the feces carries diseases so you're not only getting stabbed, you're also getting diseases and infection," said Corrections Captain Joe Lytle.

The pen is home to one of the worst prison riots in U.S. History.

In 1980, inmates took it over, held a dozen officers hostage and brutalized some of them. When it was over 33 inmates were dead.

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