July 30, 2012

play time

A couple weeks ago I decided I'd take a month off of triathlon training and racing. I've been taking advantage of the extra time with my kids. Yesterday my wife and I drove the babies to the Albuquerque Sunport and watched planes take off and land. I gave about a thousand rides to the kids on my shoulders, they held their arms out and made airplane noises pretending they were flying. This morning the boys were running around the house with stuffed animals on their shoulders making plane noises. They told me they were giving rides to their kids like I did for them yesterday. That touched my heart.  

Today I taught my boys how to build a fort out of blankets and the living room furniture. Then we played Avengers for an hour. You can see my son holding his stuffed Captain America in the pictures.

Earlier this year I registered for the Santa Fe triathlon, the Damitman triathlon, and the Elephantman triathlon, those were supposed to be my priority races this year. I wont be competing in them, I've gained a ton of weight this year, weight gain and triathlon do not mix. I'd rather be a no show than show up slow, over weight, and an embarrassment to myself. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way to stop the weight gain and start some losing soon.

Now that I weigh over 200 pounds again I changed the name of my blog back to Cody the Clydesdale. That sucked. I'm hoping to be able to change it back to Cody the former Clydesdale again soon.

Ever notice how the heavier you are the less capable you are of tolerating the heat? Man, I'm miserable in this heat right now!

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