August 28, 2012

the Eagle In The Sun triathlon

Man have I packed on some weight. I'm currently just shy of 240. I haven't been this big in a long time. Early in the triathlon season I had registered for the Eagle In The Sun triathlon, that race is this weekend. I am petrified of going. I haven't trained in a few months, but that wouldn't be a problem, I know I could gut check the race. I'm embarrassed, petrified of racing this weekend because of my weight. Everyone who knows me knows me as an in shape and fast guy. I'm everything BUT those things now. I don't feel like racing, I'm afraid people will say to each other, "what the hell happened to him?" I don't want that. I'm going to show up and race anyways. I need to find something to get me back on track with my weight and motivate me to start training again. I'll be back to 300 pounds in no time if I don't do something quick.

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Chris said...

Good luck man. Just have fun and don't put pressure on yourself. It's all about having fun although I know it's tough to go to a race not feeling at the top of your game but just stay focused on enjoying the fitness you have and giving it a 100% effort.