August 20, 2012

my son Cody's 1st triathlon and 1st day of kindergarten

On Sunday 8-19-12 my son Cody completed his 1st triathlon in Los Alamos NM. He was in the 5-6 AG which consisted of a 1/4 Mile Bike / 100 Yard Run / and 25 Yard Swim. He was fearless, acted like he'd done dozens of triathlons before! Even though he was the youngest in his division he was the fastest on his bike, see video below.

On 8-20-12 Cody had his 1st day of kindergarten. Again, he was fearless. Without any prompting from my wife or I he dropped off his back pack,

                                            signed himself in, spelling his name perfectly!

                                           and found his seat with his name on it. No tears what so ever from my son, that's not the case with my wife though! My wife cried all the way to school. She cried on our way home. And she cried for another 20 minutes once we got home. She loves her boy, she's an amazing and very worried mother.

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