August 12, 2012

vasectomy for triathlon races

My wife has been trying to convince me to get a vasectomy for a couple years now. I've been stead fast in my refusal. Early in the 2012 triathlon season my wife told me that if I got a vasectomy she'd agree to let me race all the sprint and Oly triathlons I wanted and they'd be paid for with family money. My response...."DONE!!!" Monday is the consultation. 

My wife recorded the conversation when I broke the news that my babies wont be having anymore brothers or sisters. They seemed to handle it well.


Stan & Bec said...

Cody. Dude. I love the silence after your announcement about no more babies.

I hate to break it to you, but you lost your sanity a LONG time ago!29

Todd said...

I used to really enjoy racing bikes until I got a vasectomy. Now it is so painful to ride, kinda takes the fun out of it. MTB is almost not an option. I had mine done almost 3 years ago, and still have pain, daily. Just wanted to make sure you went in with your eyes open. Good Luck.