April 22, 2013

Most boring blog in the world?

Back when I started this blog I was new to multisport. Back then my blog was exciting for me to write about because I'd always had pathetic endurance and speed. When I played football in high school I finished the runs in practice in last place. Guys who outweighed me by 50+ pounds could outrun me. In the army I had to run in the slowest group. If I was going to build enough speed and endurance to finish a triathlon or duathlon iť was going to be a HUGE transformation. I became obsessed. I trained an average of twenty-two hours a week. And iť showed. Back then I had so much I could blog about everyday. New places I trained. New workouts. What types of training seemed to work, what diets helped, equipment, which races I wanted to try, etc.

The last couple years triathlons and duathlons has started to bore me. I still enjoy to cycling and running occasionally but not nearly as much as I used to. Most shocking to me is that I'm tired of racing. On Sunday my stomach was upset, so I didn't race a triathlon I had signed up and paid for. Back in my hard core multisport days nothing would have stopped me from racing. Back then I'd have showed up and raced even if I was projectile vomiting blood!

For the last 14 weeks I've been attending CrossFit 5 days a week. I'm average at it. I've made average improvements, average strength gains, and average weight loss doing CrossFit. There just doesn't seem to be anything all that exciting to blog about now. Being average is boring, most people are average. Now that my fitness focus has changed my blog may be the most boring blog in the world.

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Chris said...

Hey Cody, I know the feeling.... I got away from multi-sport racing last year and loved spending a lot of time trial running and completing 4 50k endurance runs and a trail marathon. I've added a few tri's back into my schedule this year but still don;t get real excited about them... Not really sure why though. To me the tri-world has significantly changes since 2006 and it just seems to no longer be as much fun..