March 09, 2016

retiring from corrections

I've worked at the penitentiary of New Mexico for the last 21 years.  I'm working on retiring. The only thing left to do for me to retire is sell my home on prison property.
I know. I've posted on my blog that I'm retiring multiple times. I'm just so excited it feels surreal. The more I talk about it to my my friends and family the more believable and less scary it is. So, here it is one more time: once I sell my mobile home on prison grounds I'm retiring. Holly crap! I'm retiring!

I've been taking a lot of vacation time the last couple months. There's one thing I know for sure. I may retire from one career, but I'll never stop working. I hate being home alone all day. I love to work. It gives me a feeling of belonging. I'd rather be stuck at the prison another two decades getting piss and shit coctails thrown in my face by angry inmates than be fully retired staying at home twiddling my thumbs.

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coach dion said...

I can't wait to retire... don't really what to have to work! Want to be a pro athlete!!!