June 11, 2016

a lump in my chest

Well I hate to admit I was wrong. But I love my new job! It's much better than working in a prison. And I loved my old job at the prison. Loved it enough I stayed there for 21 years & retired.

The bad news is I found out the health insurance at my new job is EXPENSIVE! For my wife, three kids, and I it's going to cost $2,475 a month and it has a $8,000 deductable! I have the option of health insurance through the New Mexico retiree health care, but it's $1,872 a month. Man, that's bloody expensive too. I'm in a rush to get decent health insurance because I've developed a lump on my left chest. In the last two weeks it's grown from the size of a quarter to 1.5 time the size of a quarter.

The monthly cost of the two insurance options is expensive enough, but if the lump is something that needs treatment like- God forbid- cancer we'd have to pay for everything up until our deductable, we'd pay %20 after our deductable, plus we'd our have to pay the co-pay for every appointment would be out of pocket. That would absolutely bankrupt us.

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