June 03, 2016

good things

Things are looking up. I had the best clean and jerk training session of my life on Monday. My jerks have improved immensely. I predict a 125k C&J in my future very soon.

I hit 30 days of logging my food and eating a healthy diet. I really like the diet my nutrition coch has me on. I've lost 6 pounds in the last 30 days. I never really feel hungry or miss any foods.

I start work at my new job on Monday. For the first two weeks I'll be working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:30am to 2:30pm. That's a dream shift for a family man. I can't wait. I love working. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and belonging. I plan on working my entire life. No matter how old I get. I was hoping to work this new job immediately after retiring from the state penitentiary without a break of employment. But it took much longer to get my level 3 gaurd card than I thought it would.

Even better news is that my family will have medical insurance 90 days after my first day worked at my new job. On September 9th we'll be covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Finally. I have three children ages 6-10. Kids get hurt and sick a lot. We need that medical coverage as quickly as possible. In the last few months I've developed a lump on my left chest right below my nipple. It's a little bigger than a quarter and it's a bit sore when touched. Once I get medical coverage I'll get it checked out STAT. September 9th can't come quick enough.

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