July 20, 2016

3 gym memberships

I've been going to High Dessert Athletic Club (HDAC) and have been trained by Joaquin Chaves since we moved to Albuquerque in April. HDAC is only open a couple hours 6 days a week. In case i miss the 2 hour training a day thatHDAC is open I have another gym membership at Iron Soul, a wonderful little powerlifting gym that has 24 hour access, drop plates, and a bar that spins. The only down side to Iron Soul is I'm usually the only olympic style weightlifter in the gym. And it sucks working out alone. I recently started lifting at Albuquerque CrossFit because they have weightlifting classes that are held at a time of the week that I'm unable to train at HDAC. So now I have three gym memberships. I think its resonable to have a gym membership at two gyms in case I miss training at one of them. But having three is rediculous. I need to figure out which gym I'm going to drop, Iron Soul or Albuquerque CrossFit.  Obviously I'm keeping HDAC. I'll train with Joaquin as long as I'm living in Albuquerque and Joaquin is coaching. But one of the other ones has got to go. Which one?

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Mona Malec said...

:) I thought I was crazy when I had 2!

The up side of Iron Soul is the 24 hour thing. Heck if anxiety strikes at 3 AM you can go lift!But I hear you on the hating to lift alone thing....

Keep us posted.