September 27, 2016

2 weightlifting coaches

Because of my work schedule ive had to lift on my own 2 days a week. And since I despised weightlifting on my own I hired a coach, Vernon Smith, for those days- I'm still trained by Coach Joaquin Chaves on Fridays and Saturdays. I'm damn lucky. Coach Smith has been fantastic. And the longer we're working together the more he's understanding my lifting style and habits, and the more he's able to offer great lofting advice. I've made some fantastic gains with him so far.

Last night after my weightlifting training session I was supposed to start my first day of bench press. But I was out of energy and had no motivation. From the looks of things so far I won't be starting a bench program. So I'll be competing in November in the USPA New Mexico state powerlifting championships with a great squat, and deadlift,  but a horrible bench. But ya know, it's ok. Because there's no state records in the super heavyweight 40-44 age group. So all I have to do is successfully lift a single bench of any weight and it'll be a state record. Being an old fat guy in strength sports is awesome! I'm one of the few left who hasn't been debilitated by heart, knee, or back problems.

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