September 03, 2016

I quit weightlifting

A couple weeks ago I became frustrated with training on my own and quit weightlifting. I was planning on going back to weightlifting after my work schedule changed and I can go back to High Dessert Athletic Club. But that won't be until November 1st. So, without weightlifting I kept getting more and more grouchy until this morning my wife demanded I go back to the gym. Turns out as much as I hate training on my own I hate not weightlifting even more. It makes me happy and helps me deal with stress. Without weightlifting I turn into a jerk pretty quick. Man did it ever feel great getting back into weightlifting! And my first day back to weightlifting was at HDAC. It was awesome. I really love it there.

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coach dion said...

I would put it like this: Always make a plan...

My wife had had a long day with her family and wasn't about to get her normal run in... which would have been fine, but visiting her 93 year old mother was stressful so when she got home, she headed out for a run. in the almost dark! it just meant that she could only really run around the block a couple of times, but it was needed.