September 09, 2016

building a home weightlifting gym

I work 12 hour shifts and Iron Soul, one of my gyms, is 30 minutes from my work, and my home is another 30 minutes from the gym. That makes for a long day. More importantly it makes me not get as much sleep as I should. Up until now I didn't mind a little sleep deprivation. But now that I want to focus on qualifying for the masters national weightlifting championships I need to be getting a full nights sleep to get the full benifits of training. Thankfully building a home gym for weightlifting doesn't take a tremendous amount of equipment. Just a platform, drop plates, a squat rack, and a weightlifting bar. The first thing I'll be buying is a bar. I've decided on a California bar by American Barbell. A lot of the reviews of the Ohio bar by Rouge fitness say the bars rust easily.

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