March 17, 2018

2018 USAPL New Mexico powerlifting state championships report

433 (state record)
297.5 (tied competition PR and state record)
484 (competition PR and state record)
1214 (state record)

Cody James
71/45/104/ 210

Today my son and I lifted in the USAPL New Mexico Powerlifting state championships meet. My son did great. He lifted 9/9
71/45/104 for a total of 210.

I didn't do very well. I missed my third squat of 455lbs. I'd been struggling with squats in training for awhile. So that didn't surprise me. My top squat of the day was 433lbs. 18lbs less than my last meet.

I pulled my pectoral muscle a little over a month ago so i assumed I'd do poorly in the bench. I was wrong. My third lift of 297.5lbs was easy. That lift tied my competition best.

I assumed I'd kick butt with my deadlifts today. My deadlift training has been amazing the last few months. Boy was I ever wrong. I made my first lift of 484lbs. My 2nd lift was a 525, which should have been easy.  But I missed it. I tried 525 again and missed it. It wasn't even close. This was surprising because my powerlifting coach and I thought I'd get a 550lb deadlift today. My lift was actually a competition best. But we expected more.

But, my powerlifting coach is pretty awesome. He warned me that because of how much weight I've lost I may struggle in the meet. He was right. I've lost 70-75lbs so far. I have anothe 50-55lbs left to lose. This is going to be a struggle. But it'll be worth it.

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